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What is the Procedure for Smile Design/Makeover/Hollywood Smile? What is the difference between White Aesthetics & Pink Aesthetics - Prices in Antalya Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

Smile Design-Makeover / Hollywood Smile Turkey Antalya

Smile Design-Makeover / Hollywood Smile in Turkey Antalya

Considerations such as the patient's age, gender, expectations, and face shape are taken into account while determining the operations needed for Smile design - Hollywood smile. Procedures for treating cosmetic smiles are divided into two groups: white aesthetics and pink aesthetics.

White aesthetics

Applications used on white aesthetic teeth result in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing appearance of the teeth. Teeth that are decaying are addressed first at this point. Following the dentist's assessment, treatment is initiated based on the size of the decay. The quantity and magnitude of the decay determine how long the treatment will take. If the decay is extensive, a root canal is done first; if it is insufficient, the tooth is extracted. Filling treatment is preferred for smaller caries. Because of their color, amalgam fillings are not recommended, particularly in teeth on the smile line. Rather, composite filling-white filler is used.

Treatment for dental calculus/tartar, is initiated if the patient has any. Dental calculus is problematic for the health of the teeth and gums as well as the appearance of the smile. For this reason, cleaning out tartar is crucial. Following the patient's tartar cleansing, an application of polishing is made.

Composite laminate or composite bonding application should be done if the patient's front teeth have issues such as decay, cracks, fractures, discoloration, or spaces between the teeth that cannot be filled in with teeth whitening. Composite laminate is a significant treatment option in smile aesthetics since the front teeth are the most noticeable part of smile design. Nothing needs to be done before or after treatment; the bonding application is completed in a single session. The process of making composite laminates is inexpensive and affordable. One benefit is that it can be applied without causing any tooth abrasions. It can be treated on several teeth in a single session and takes little time to complete. Compensation for breakage is simple and fleeting.

Teeth whitening is done if the patient's yellowed teeth that impede their ability to have Hollywood smile. As a cosmetic dental procedure, teeth whitening involves cleaning the compounds that accumulate in the dentin and enamel, the tooth's outer layer, in order to open the pores and lighten the tooth. One or both of the at-home or office whitening techniques are used in tandem, depending on the circumstances. The teeth are bleached in the desired shade based on the patient's preferences; the time frame varies from person to person.

One of the most popular smile design- Hollywood smile procedures is laminated dentistry veneers, which are made in a lab and include glueing leaf-shaped veneers on teeth by paring them down to a minimum. When tooth whitening is insufficient or the patient's desired tone is not achievable, it is the preferable option. When proper oral and dental hygiene is maintained, laminated dental veneers will last a long time.

Aesthetic smile design - Hollywood smile also makes use of zirconium veneers or emax-empress crowns and veneers. These veneers produced from laminate, which is formed of an alloy called zirconium, vary in that they cover the entire tooth. The laminated veneer is only bonded to the front of the tooth because of its leaf-like shape.

When there is insufficient dental support, large fillings need to be replaced, weak teeth need to be strengthened, and discolored or misshapen teeth need to be rectified, crown veneer is the recommended type of veneer. In contrast to laminated veneers, this treatment covers the whole tooth.

This issue is resolved with implant treatment. Titanium is used to make the screw that is the implant. During the implant procedure, the tooth root forms and the screw is inserted into the jawbone. The screw and bone must fuse together to form a strong tooth root. Allow the implant to ossify for two to three months. The previously scheduled prostheses are beginning to be made after this time. One implant can be inserted into the jawbone in 15 to 20 minutes, which is known as "implant treatment in a day."

Clear Aligners/Invisalign Braces and Invisalign Treatment

These procedures clear aligners that don't require braces at all or non-metal porcelain brackets that have been developed recently to replace metal braces, which are unsightly. These techniques are used to correct alignment issues, crooked teeth, and biting and closure difficulties. In addition to being more user-friendly, clear aligners look better. In order to address dental misalignment, invisalign braces are custom-made based on the patient's tooth structure. With young patients, this treatment yields benefits faster and is simply applied to all age groups.

When there is a distortion or skew in the alignment of the teeth, a technique called clear aligners, commonly referred to as Invisalign, is employed. Patients who use clear aligners do not report psychological negative effects since, unlike metal braces, they are invisible when speaking or laughing. As a result, they both have healthy teeth at the conclusion of the procedure and enjoy increased comfort.

When there are bite issues, misaligned teeth, or an excessive forward or backward shift in one or both upper or lower jaws, orthodontic treatments are the recommended course of action. Even though orthodontic treatments are used to create a beautiful smile, they are also crucial for the patient's oral and dental health. This treatment approach requires patience, lasts a long time, and concludes with reinforcement treatment.

Pink Aesthetics

Pink aesthetic treatment is a technique used to treat gum-related issues. The most crucial area for dental health is the gums. Gum disease ruins the smile's visual appeal. Gingivitis-induced gingival recession or melting has a detrimental effect on the smile's aesthetics and tooth look. After teeth, gingival aesthetics—also referred to as pink aesthetics—is another crucial component of smile design - Hollywood smile. Gum color and postural issues are treated with the pink aesthetic.

One of the most significant issues that needs to be addressed is the look of the gums when smiling, which occurs when the gums cover the tooth surfaces more than they should owing to abnormalities (gummy smile). The gingivectomy surgery involves making a surgical cut and removal of the gum tissue that is interfering with the aesthetics of the smile. The gums' form is altered during the gingivoplasty treatment. To complete the smile design, additional operations like dermal fillings and botox might be done on the lips and cheeks.

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