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What are the steps in an implant procedure? What are the phases of dental implant treatment? in Antalya Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

The Stages of Dental Implants Treatment in Turkey

Dental Implants procedure usually consists of five phases. The treatment is usually administered under a local anaesthetic. Sedation may be more appropriate when there are multiple implants.

First Stage of Dental Impant Treatment

  • The suitability of the patient for implant treatment is verified when they apply to our facility. Data regarding the patient's overall health status is acquired. When determining if a patient is a good candidate for treatment, x-rays and 3D tomography are used to assess the patient's bone structure and the quantity of healthy bone tissue. The patient receives the necessary information regarding the type of dental implant to be used as well as the treatment plan for the implant.
  • Initially, the patient is given local anaesthesia and, if required, sedation as part of the dental implant treatment process.
  • First Stage of Dental Impant Treatment in Turkey, Antalya
  • Teeth that require extraction are taken out if the patient has any. Our skilled dentists gently fit the screwed tooth into the space left by the extracted tooth if tooth extraction and implant creation are done in the same session. There are no stitches used in this operation because there is no gum incision.
  • The areas that will receive the implants are cleansed.
  • A cut is made on the gingiva. In order to insert the implant into the visible jawbone, the slot is punched open. The jaw implant is inserted with great care.
  • After the implant is positioned, the gingival tissue covering the jawbone is covered and sutured.
  • For cosmetic reasons, a temporary crown tooth is affixed to the implant if the patient's front teeth are the site of the implant. This veneer tooth needs to be removed and cleaned at night by the patient.
  • Second Stage of Dental Impant Treatment

    It takes three to six months for the jawbone to develop and cover the implant during the second stage of implant treatment. When the fusion is complete, the solid artificial root that forms gives dentures the same functionality as natural teeth.

    Third Stage of Dental Impant Treatment

  • The patient is given a local anaesthetic.
  • An incision is performed to expose the implant underneath the gum tissue once the fusion of the implant and jawbone is complete.
  • The implant is joined to a dental abutment. The gum is sutured shut around the tooth abutment. The healing process for the gums can take up to 15 days.
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    Third Stage of Dental Impant Treatment in Turkey, Antalya
  • When the implant is positioned in the jaw, the abutment is attached during the procedure. One advantage of this strategy is that it can be used to place the implant without the need for a third step. The drawback is that because the abutment travels through the gingiva, it is visible when the patient opens his mouth. The patient looks like this for three to six months until the implant and jawbone fuse together.
  • Dental Impant Treatment in Turkey, Antalya

    Fourth Stage of Dental Impant Treatment

  • The implant crown is manufactured and the patient's mouth is measured and mould taken once the patient's gums have healed normally.
  • Fourth Stage of Dental Impant Treatment in Turkey, Antalya

  • When applied to a patient, prostheses can be fixed, movable, or both at the same time. Which of these to undertake is decided upon jointly by the patient and the physician. Your physician will go over the benefits and drawbacks of each prosthesis in great detail.
  • Fifth Stage of Dental Impant Treatment

    Our skilled dental professionals examine the placed crown. Artificial teeth are screwed or fastened to the implant if there are no issues with the crown fitting. The procedure for dental implants has finished. At every step of the process, patient satisfaction is considered. Following this phase of the dental implant process, the patient's facial bruising and swelling are accepted as normal. To lessen swelling, the patient might be instructed to apply cold compresses.

    For more detailed information, please read our dental implant page, or contact us or visit us at our dental clinic.