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What are The Advantages of All on Six/6 Dental Implants Treatment? in Antalya Turkey Dental Clinic Blog

The benefits of all on six dental implants treatment


In an all on 6 implant treatment, six implants on the lower and upper jaw sides are positioned at various angles to support fixed prostheses. Patients may now eat, speak, and smile with confidence because of this all-inclusive tooth replacement treatment, which gives them a solid and functioning set of teeth. The All On Six implant procedure provides numerous benefits over traditional implants because of these factors, as follows:

  • In traditional implant treatment, one implant is placed for each lost tooth. This entails many jawbone implant insertion procedures. It might be essential to undergo further treatment and bone grafting to fortify your bone structure. There is a considerable danger of infection, and the course of treatment and adherence may take up to eight months.
  • Conventional implant treatments necessitate multiple sessions, with follow-up and additional care needed for bruises, pain, swelling, and bleeding following each session, according to All On Six implant treatment.
  • Since implantation is done gradually with traditional implant treatment, the patient is left without teeth for an extended period of time. The All On Six implant procedure allows for the placement of six implants in a single session, instant attachment of the temporary prosthesis, and patient retention of their natural teeth during the healing process.
  • The financial aspect of treatment is another. Compared to conventional treatment, All On Six has significant cost advantages because it involves fewer implants and doesn't require additional procedures like grafting.
  • The patient does not encounter some issues, such as being unable to remove certain letters when speaking, because the teeth that are implanted as a consequence of the treatmet are quite similar to the original tooth characteristics. The patient feels more confident as a result.
  • Even patients with jawbone melting issues can have all-on-six dental implants placed with ease.

You're already terrified to smile if you have multiple missing teeth or no teeth at all. You will be able to overcome these anxieties with the All On Six implant procedure, and the design of your fixed prosthesis will allow you to enhance the appearance of your smile. Furthermore, if you have previously worn a removable dental prosthesis, this procedure will unquestionably improve the looks of your smile.

  • First and foremost, All On Six dental implant treatment spares you from arduous and time-consuming surgical procedures;
  • Thanks to the potential for a temporary prosthesis, you won't have to undergo tooth extractions during the procedure,
  • Many illnesses brought on by chewing disorders,
  • From the inconvenience of not being able to consume the foods and beverages you want,
  • From an unhealthy diet, weakening your immune system and leaving you more susceptible to illness,
  • From issues with facial aesthetics brought on by edentulism or removable prosthesis,
  • First and foremost, All On Six dental implant treatment spares you from these and related complications.


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This article is for informational and advisory purposes. The recommendations of your dentist who will examine you and perform the surgery should be a priority.

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