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Is Screw Retained Implant Better Than Cemented Implants? in Antalya Dental Clinic Turkey Blog

Dental Implant Types

Screw implant is inserted into the jawbone as part of the implant treatment. Two distinct techniques are used to fix the dental crown that will be placed on the implant screw. These are:

Dental Implant Types Antalya turkey
  • Screw-retained dental implants
  • Bonding dental implants

Bonding dental implant is also known as cementation implant.

Dental Implant Procedure

Dental crown impression is obtained once the implant screw that was inserted into the jawbone has fused with the surrounding tissue. The screw implant is fused with the jawbone and has an abutment placed on it to facilitate the placement of the dental crown.

At bonding implants, special dental adhesives are used to bond and fix the dental crown, which has been created in accordance with size, to the abutment. When implant treatment is done this way, three components are used to complete the procedure: a dental crown, an abutment, and a prosthetic tooth root. When treating implants, the bonding procedure is applied initially. The crowns that are affixed to the shortened teeth in dental veneer treatments form the basis of this conventional method.

What is the drawback of bonding teeth implants?

The adhesive may extend past the dental crown when using this technique to adhere the crown to the abutment. Gum tissue may be harmed. Complications could result from it. The bonding implant procedure is not very common anymore because of this drawback.

The screw system implant involves inserting the implant screw, which functions as a substitute tooth root, into the jawbone and then waiting for the screw to fuse with the jawbone. Next, the dental crown is fastened to the artificial tooth root using screws. The implant tooth becomes stronger thanks to this technology.

In the event that the screw dental implant treatment requires tooth intervention for any reason, the tooth screw is rotated and extracted using specialised tools. The dental crown is screwed back onto the prosthetic tooth root when the necessary intervention is completed. This treatment makes it simpler to take action in the event that gum disease arises.

Screwless dental implants

A slot is created in the jawbone during implant treatment. The titanium artificial tooth root is put into the socket in the shape of a screw. The tooth crown is fixed on it. A hole is created in the jawbone, just like with a screw implant, when screwless implant therapy is applied. The slot is opened, and the titanium implant is inserted. This is the crucial point that sets the screwless implant apart from the screw implant: The screwless implant's titanium substance is inserted into the jaw without using screws.
Screwsless implant has the advantage of there is no chance of screw implants loosening over time because the implant, which functions as a prosthetic tooth root, is not screwed into the jaw. This stops the artificial teeth fixed to the implant from shifting.


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