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How is Zirconium Crowns Veneers Treatment Done? in Antalya Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

How is Zirconium Crowns Veneers Treatment Done?

There are two ways that zirconium is utilised as a dental crown material in dentistry. The zirconium-supported porcelain crown treatment is the first one of these. Zirconium is used in this treatment to create the material that rests on the native tooth and forms the lower portion of the dental crown. Porcelain material makes up the crown's upper portion. This process was created as a substitute to get rid of the negative effects that metal-supported porcelain crowns caused, such as bio-incompatibility, poor light permeability, and an imperfect fit with the natural tooth. The full zirconium crown technique is the second.

Full set of zirconia crowns-Color: OM3 antalya

The tooth crown made in this treatment is made completely of zirconium. In aesthetic dentistry procedures in particular, the second method is frequently recommended. The whole zirconium approach has gained a lot of traction in recent years because of its ability to satisfy the demand for teeth that are harmonious, naturally white, and aesthetically pleasing. It is extensively utilised, specifically, in the anterior teeth's crown.

The procedures for treatment of zirconium dental crowns are as follows;

  • The initial examination determines whether there are any dental issues. The zirconium tooth crown procedure is initiated following the treatment of gum disease and other disorders that necessitate bleeding.
  • Local anaesthetic is used to numb the affected area so that the patient won't experience any pain.
  • Following the completion of the match, the teeth are thinned and reduced using specialised tools so they are ready for the crown. The mouth is cleaned when the surgery is finished under local anaesthesia.
  • Once the teeth are shaped and size-corrected, measurements are collected. Digital imaging techniques or specialty pastes are used in this process. The patient's opinion is then sought in order to identify the appropriate colour with the use of the colour scale. To create the zirconium mould, which will be specific to the individual, the measurements are taken, and the desired colour is transmitted to the laboratory.
  • Temporary teeth are affixed to the patient to preserve their cosmetic look and prevent tooth sensitivity resulting from the smaller size of the teeth.
  • In the lab, a zirconium crown with the appropriate size and colour can be created in 7–10 days.
  • We extract temporary teeth. For a period of 10 to 12 days, the patient can enjoy the zirconium crown in his mouth thanks to a temporary adhesive. Thus, if an issue arises during this time, a re-correction can be performed once the zirconium crown is removed.
  • Zirconium crowns are firmly bonded to the teeth using a clear glue, and the procedure is finished if there are no issues during this trial time.
  • Control tests are usually conducted twice a year.

For more detailed information, please read our zirconium page, or contact us or visit us at our dental clinic.