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Can You Get Composite Bonding in Turkey Antalya? Turkey Package Deals in Antalya Cosmetic Dentistry Turkey

Composite Bonding Veneers in Turkey Antalya

Turkey offers affordable dental composite bonding treatment packages and highly qualified dentists.

Applying composite bonding treatment is a fairly simple operation. The composite bonding procedure takes 20 to 40 minutes for each tooth.

The cost of composite bonding is approximately €50 to €150 per tooth

Turkey package for composite bonding

Turkey package for composite bonding contains:

Composite bonding process, anaesthesia (if required), packages for travel and accommodations, free consultation, diagnostic exams and X-rays, rescheduled meetings, interim repairs (if necessary), instructions for aftercare, expert cleanings (if offered), additional procedures including zirconia veneers, teeth whitening, and Hollywood smile.

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The outcomes of composite bonding differ based on the unique dental problems of each patient and the dentist's level of expertise. Impressive effects can be obtained from composite bonding Antalya when done by a trained dentist. A smooth and natural appearance is achieved by meticulously matching the composite material to the natural colour of the teeth.

It can effectively repair minor imperfections such as chips, cracks, or discoloration, improving the overall appearance of the teeth. Bonding may not last as long as other restorative procedures like dental veneers and can stain over time, especially if exposed to foods and beverages that cause stains. Long-lasting composite bonding results may be achieved with regular maintenance and proper dental hygiene.


In Turkey composite bonding is a more cost-effective cosmetic dentistry solution, particularly for small problems like discolouration or chipping. The process can yield results that are visible right away and is comparatively quick. To guarantee that the investment will be justified in the long run, it is crucial to adhere to your dentist's instructions about aftercare and routine dental maintenance, as these aspects determine the overall efficiency and duration of the procedure.

Composite bonding typically lasts five to ten years on average.

What can composite bonding be used for?

  • By effectively filling up the spaces between teeth, gap composite bonding produces a smooth, natural-looking outcome.
  • Composite bonding for teeth whitening can whiten stained or discolored teeth, giving your mouth a more polished look.
  • The integrity of the tooth can be restored, and small chips or cracks can be fixed using composite bonding for crooked teeth.

What are the Benefits of Composite Bonding?

  • The cost of composite bonding is frequently less than that of other cosmetic dentistry procedures. It is affordable.
  • Composite bonding retains more of the natural tooth structure than other procedures that could necessitate significant enamel removal, which is good for general dental health.
  • Gaps, stains, and minor alignment difficulties can all be resolved using composite bonding.
  • Most patients only require one visit, and the procedure is quick and painless.

How do you whiten bonded teeth at home?

Composite bonding cannot be whitened using conventional teeth-whitening techniques, in contrast to natural teeth. The colour of the bonding material is permanent once it is applied and formed. Before getting composite bonding, it's imperative to talk over your alternatives with a dentist if you want a whiter smile.

Is composite bonding permanent?

Composite bonding is not a lasting solution. When regular dental examinations are performed, composite bonding can last up to 10 years.

For more detailed information, please read our composite bounding page, or contact us or visit us at our dental clinic.